Research Camp for Students and Schoolchildren Lisca 2018

The Centre for Educational and Extra-curricular Activities and the Municipality of Sevnica will organize a research camp Lisca 2018 for students of different study programmes from 9 to 14 July 2018. Venue: Tončkov dom na Lisci, Lisca, Municipality of Sevnica.

It is planned that 35–40 students will participate in the work of the camp. They will be divided into several interdisciplinary research groups. The groups will work on projects in the field of landscape design, agronomy, ethnology, meteorology, astronomy, environmental protection, science, geography, tourism, culture, sociology, sports and innovative pedagogy. Participants will develop ideological proposals on drawing up a new training environment based on the advanced technologies. Innovative space will be designed for teaching students of different age groups, for games, sports events, recreation and leisure, communication, self-knowledge and understanding of peers.

The work of the research camp participants will involve various activities, such as listening to lectures by experts, exploring the environment, work in a research group, preparation of scientific articles, delivery of the final report and presentation of the research group results on the day of project submission. An interdisciplinary approach to working on a project is a unique opportunity for cooperation, learning, gaining experience and communication among participants — pupils of secondary schools, students of colleges, faculties and universities.

The LISCA 2018 Research Camp will work for 6 days. Organizers compensate the costs of accommodation and meals to each participant.

Application for participation can be sent until 15 June 2018 to the camp leader Andreji Tomažin at or For information please call: 041 282 196.