The “Researchers Night” at the University of Primorska: Report

As part of the pan-European Night of Researchers, the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Slovenia’s University of Primorska and some other educational institutions held a number of cultural and educational activities on 30 September 2016.

Their objective was to present the image and personality of a scientist. In eight thematic sections (in offices, special classrooms, and laboratories), the teachers, university staff and students of the Faculty described the health care, physiotherapy and dietetics from the researcher’s point of view using practical examples and with the help of scientific experiments.

Guests tried themselves in the role of elderly people, helped to revive a demonstrator in the Simulation Centre, studied the rules of healthy eating, experimented with food, and carried out simple experiments in the field of molecular biology. In the laboratory, they were shown the division of DNA molecules. Then the guests briefly immersed into the world of illusions and food, and in the “e-učilnici” computer room, they manged to try out the modern technological advances and discover the 3D models of a human body.

The event lasted all day. It was attended by about 400 children—pupils of ten schools from the Primorska Region and the surrounding areas. The organizers were satisfied with the visit of the representatives of OŠ Senožeče, OŠ Sečovlje, OŠ Ankaran, OŠ Divača, OŠ Anton Ukmar Koper, OŠ Škofije, OŠ Prade, OŠ Ilirska Bistrica and its branch, as well as of the delegations from Srednja šola Izola and Gimnazija, elektro in pomorska šola Piran. The “Researchers Night” was seared into the memory of all participants. Teachers expressed a hope that next year, the same interesting and productive meeting would be hold.