The Results of the Ljubljana Marathon

The Kenyan Laban Mutai Is the Winner of the Ljubljana Marathon

The Kenyan Laban Mutai (2:09:16) became the winner of the Ljubljana marathon. However, he failed to set a new record at a distance of 42 km. Mutai was a few seconds ahead of his compatriots Philip Sanga Kimutaya (2:09:19) and Levi Omari Mateba (2:09:37).

A real drama happened at the 38th kilometre of the distance, when a group of leaders turned off the road and followed the police cars and the camera crew. In the end, they ran the extra 600 meters, which caused a strong reaction at the finish.

The representative of the organizers Andrej Razdrih explained in his interview with Val 202, “There was an unpleasant situation. The police and the camera crew cars turned to the wrong street. The first three runners followed them. Because of this, according to our information, they ran extra 500–600 metres and it prevented them from showing good results. We are terribly sorry. Now we are trying to solve all the issues with their managers. Unfortunately, we cannot change the official results. Most likely, we will pay compensation for this incident.”

The Winner among Girls Was Also from Kenya

The victory in the women’s competition was also given to Kenya. Purity Changwon (2:29:31) became the champion, the second and the third places were given to the Ethiopians Shasho Inserm (2:30:53) and Beshad Bekel Bedan (2:31:05).

Among the Slovenian participants, the best result was shown by Helena Javornik (2: 54.59)—the 7th place, and Aleš Žontar (2:36:57)—the 11th place. In her 50ies, the Slovenian record holder Helena Javornik, who is now acting as an amateur, in May this year, ran her 50th marathon and won her 40th title of the country champion.

The 21-km Race Was Held under the Status of the National Championship

In the men’s mini-marathon, which was held under the status of the national championship, Peter Lamovec (1:07:44) became the winner among men, and Sonja Roman (1:17:50) became the champion among women.

Blaž Grad Won at a Distance of 10 km for the Fourth Time

The runners of the 10-km race were the first to enter the distance. Blaž Grad (31:44) won in the men’s competition being ahead of Matej Šturm (31:46) at the finish line. For Blaž Grad, this victory was the fourth at a similar distance. Laura Stauber (37:14) was second to none in the women’s competition. Tina Česnik (38:53) finished the second.

The Race for 42 km Involved 2,610 Runners

Total of 2,074 male and 536 female athletes took part in the race for the longest distance.

Ljubljanski maraton

All races started at Slovenska cesta between the Cubo Hotel and the Uršulinsk Church, and finished at the Kongresni trgu. The winner at the distance of 42 km received 20 thousand euros. Nearly 28,500 people participated in 2 days of the competition.