Results of Final Examinations in Slovenia Are Published

School graduates have the right to question their marks and improve the final results.

In 2017, 6,376 schoolchildren took part in the final examinations in 83 Slovenian schools. According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, 5,699 pupils (93.45%) coped with the tasks successfully.

After publishing the results of matriculation exams, many graduates want to improve their grades.

Repeated scoring is not always vain. According to statistics, 200 pupils are able to improve their marks annually. A few dozens of pupils pass successfully the matriculation exams following the appeal results.

The number of appeals will be officially announced at the end of August.

The State Examination Centre of Slovenia, based on preliminary applications, provides pupils with an opportunity of reviewing the report documentation for one or more subjects.

However, the number of finally submitted appeals is much lower. Less than half of those students who reviewed the results of matriculation exams take a challenge of questioning their marks.

Even though the procedure for reviewing the report documentation is free, the repeated scoring will cost 5.5 euros. Those who seek a full review of received marks pay a 30 euros fee for appealing. A special authorized executive, who prepares the report, checks the disputable part of the examination work. If the questioning is valid and the appeal is satisfied, the State Examination Centre will refund the fee.