Results of Krško NPP Operation in 2016

The financial results of the Krško NPP (Krško Nuclear Power Plant, Nek) operation in 2016: total volume of generated electricity—5,431 gigawatt/hours, 163.49 million euros of revenues and about 450 thousand euros of profit.

According to the report, in 2016, Krško NPP worked efficiently and strictly within all environmental standards. The plant had no emergency automatic shutdowns, all safety criteria were met, and the annual electricity production exceeded the projected figure by more than 30 gigawatt/hours.

From 1 October to 5 November, a major overhaul with replacement of fuel was carried out at the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, and a program to improve nuclear safety was launched. In particular, a steam turbine of the auxiliary pump drive for feed water was replaced, which allowed to increase reliability and reduce the risk of damage to the core of the reactor.

Some secondary projects were realized: the generator system was improved, the main switch of the electric generator, the emergency cooling device of the collector and the voltage regulator were replaced.

Besides, technical measures were taken caused by the increased level of the Sava River after the construction of the Brežice HPP reservoir. In November 2016, Krško NPP completed expert monitoring conducted by representatives of the World Association of Nuclear Power Plant Operators.

This year, the management of the Krško NPP forecasts an increase in electricity production to 5.9 billion gigawatt/hours.