Results of the 22nd Ljubljana Marathon

Marius Kimutai did not manage to break the record of the competition set up in 2015 (2 hours 8 minutes and 19 seconds) because of the strong wind. His result in the 42 km race was 2 hours 8 minutes and 33 seconds.

The second and third places were also taken by the Kenyans Solomon Kirwa Yego (2 hours 9 minutes and 36 seconds) and Albert Korir (2 hours 10 minutes and 35 seconds).

In the women’s standings, Ethiopian Shuko Genemo Wote (2 hours 27 minutes and 2 seconds) celebrated the victory. The second place was taken by Kenyan Purity Jebichii Changwony (2 hours 27 minutes and 52 seconds), and the third place belongs to her countrywoman Jane Jelagat Seurey (2 hours 28 minutes and 5 seconds).

Mitja Krevs showed the best results among the representatives of Slovenia. He won the title of the country’s champion (11th place in the overall standings—2 hours 32 minutes and 25 seconds). In the women’s standings, Jasmina Pitamic Vojska became the champion of the country (7th place in the overall standings—2 hours 53 minutes and 5 seconds). In the junior competition, Simon Navodnik (12th place in the overall standings) took the second place showing the result of 2 hours 36 minutes and 37 seconds and improving the national record in his category. Gregorj Kostec received the bronze medal having taken the 13th place in the overall standings (2 hours 36 minutes and 54 seconds). Petra Tratnik (2 hours 59 minutes and 13 seconds) was the eighth in the overall standings and thus became the vice-champion of the country among women track athletes. Eva Zorman completed the championships with a bronze medal showing the result of 3 hours 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

In addition to the 42 km race in Ljubljana, races were held for 10 km and 21 km. Rok Puhar (in 2017, he was the only representative of Slovenia, who performed in London Marathon at the World Championships) predictably won at a distance of 21 km with a result of 1 hour 8 minutes and 17 seconds. The unfavourable weather conditions were the only factor that prevented him from setting up a personal record.

The second place was taken by Michael Marantelli (Australia), the third— by Jan Brešan. Hungarian Fruzsina Bakonyi won in the women’s standings (1 hour 22 minutes and 38 seconds). Slovene Klara Ljubi took the second place (1 hour 22 minutes and 49 seconds). The third place belongs to Biljana Cvijanović from Serbia (1 hour 24 minutes and 00 seconds).

Jan Kokalj won at the 10 km race with the result of 32 minutes and 21 seconds. Maruša Mišmaš became the winner among women. She ran the first half of the race ahead of many male runners. She won with the result of 33 minutes and 57 seconds, showing the 13th result in the overall standings. Second place was taken by Kenyan Lucia Kimani Mwahiki Marčetić (37 minutes and 24 seconds) who participated as a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team in the marathons of three Olympics (in 2008, 2012 and 2016). Another Slovene Urška Martinec took the third place (38 minutes and 36 seconds).