Results of the Franja 2017 Cycling Marathon

Nearly 3,000 bicyclists took part in the 36th Franja Cycling Marathon (156 km). Matej Kravos becomes the winner with the result of 3 hours 47 minutes and 1 second.

 maraton franja 2017 Matej Kravos

The Italian Alfonso D’Errico takes second place. The third place belongs to his compatriot Manuel Fedele. They lagged behind the winner by about 23 seconds. The fourth place belongs to Gregor Sikošek, and Matic Strgar is the fifth. In the women’s standings, Laura Šimenc was second to none. Besides, she became the winner of the third race of Goni Pony na Vršič held last week.

The first place in the “small” cycling marathon (97 km) in the men’s standings was taken by the Slovene Matic Plaznik, and in the women’s standings, the first place belongs to Danijela Svetik. In total, about 2,700 people took part in the current marathon.

The short track ran along the route: Ljubljana–Dobrova–Horjul–Vrzdenec–Lučine–Gorenja Vas–Škofja Loka–Vodice–Tacen–Ljubljana, and the long track was along the route Ljubljana–Vrhnika–Logatec–Godovič–Idrija–Cerkno–Kladje–Sovodenj–Škofja Loka–Vodice–Tacen–Ljubljana.

The first Franja Cycling Marathon took place on 22 July 1982 under the auspices of Zvone Zanoškar and on the initiative of Tone Fornezzi. He planned to hold the marathon in 1978, but due to the construction of Kladje road (the Municipality of Cerkno), the idea had to be postponed.


Men’s overall standings, 156 km:

1. Matej Kravos (Slovenia) 3:47:01

2. Alfonso D’Errico (Italy) 3:47:24

3. Manuel Fedele (Italy) 3:47:24

Women’s overall standings, 156 km:

1. Laura Šimenc (S) 3:55:54

2. Silvia Perrenoud (Switzerland) 3:55:56

3. Agnieszka Sikora (Poland) 3:59:21

Men’s overall standings, 97 km:

1. Matic Plaznik (Slovenia): 26:01

2. Miha Alič (Slovenia) 2:26:01

3. Roberto Vidoni (Italy) 2:26:01

Women’s overall standings, 97 km:

1. Danijela Svetik (Slovenia) 2:28:02

2. Maria Prati (Italy) 2:34:13

3. Erika Jesenko (Slovenia) 2:34:17