Reviews on the Erasmus+ Program in London

From 11 to 15 July 2016, a research assistant Natasha Lisec took part in the international project “Regent’s Erasmus+ Staff Training Week” at the Regent’s University (London, UK).

Upon completion of the program, Natasha Lisec wrote a report where she noted the following, “The University is extremely focused on students. There are only 3,000 students, the majority of whom are foreigners, and only 20% are Britons. The tuition fee is £16,000 for an annual course. Students are required to know several foreign languages, to attend at least 75% of all lectures, and to pass one annual course in a foreign partner university.”

Erasmus + в Лондоні

The University conducted the “Erasmus Staff Week” for the first time. In total, 50 people from 17 countries attended the event. Two daily workshops were organized. “All of them were very interactive. Participants were required to express themselves and to contribute to the work of the group in order to achieve the desired result. Social networks were welcomed. The whole event was an excellent and useful practice—the exchange of experience, a new communication environment, new contacts, etc. I recommend everybody who has such an opportunity to take part in the “Erasmus+ Mobility” program,” its participant concluded.

Відгук про програму Erasmus +

We strongly recommend students to take an opportunity of participating in the international exchange programs. Everyone can choose a study or internship program abroad. Both are good in their own way, so that students can gain an invaluable international experience enriched with new specialized knowledge, mastering of a foreign language, international relations, and friendship. All these factors give an applicant a competitive advantage in the labour market.

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