Revoz Will Employ 500 People to Manufacture the New Clio 4 Model

In late March, Revoz plans to start mass production of the new Clio 4 model. For this purpose, the Company will hire 500 additional employees under agency agreements, 300 of which will be signed in January. At the end of February, Revoz will launch additional night shift.

The Head of the Revoz Department for Communications and Public Relations Nevenka Bašek Zildžović says that by the end of 2016, the Company employed a little more than 2,030 staff members and nearly 500 employees hired under agency agreements. She adds that Revoz plans to manufacture 360 Clio 4 cars per day. The Clio 4 model is a best seller, which Renault also manufactures at two other plants in France and Turkey.

Nevenka Bašek Zildžović notes that the expansion of the Clio 4 model manufacture is a great recognition for the plant in Novo Mesto, which is one of the Renault’s largest production sites. In 1993–2015, Revoz already produced the old Clio version, having released about 1.5 million cars.

Sales Growth by 40%

Nevenka Bašek Zildžović reports that in 2016, Revoz produced 133,600 cars, almost 2/3 of which were the Twing models and more than 1/3—Smart Forfour. This year, Revoz plans to increase sales by 40% due to launching the manufacture of Clio 4.

A member of the Revoz Management Anton Zvonko Kink says that when hiring night shift employees, the Company closely cooperates with the Employment Service. The Company started hiring employees, both men and women, under agency agreements in December. It considers the candidates not only from Novo Mesto, Lower Carniola and White Carniola, but also from Ljubljana and its suburbs, Kočevje, Central Sava Valley, and Celje region.

What Kind of Specialists Are They Looking for?

Revoz mainly calls for workers to the car workshop, paint shop and assembly shop, as well as the forklift operators. About 60 interviews have been already held with the candidates. In total, the Company received 250 applications. If it fails to recruit a sufficient number of employees, the search for candidates will be extended to the neighbouring municipalities and the near-border Croatian municipalities.

Kink says that after being hired under agency agreements, the additional 300 employees will pass a four-week internship at the end of January. Afterwards, the Company will offer them a contract for a longer period.