Solčava Panoramic Road Is One of the Most Amazing Places in Slovenia

The Solčava neighbourhoods are rich in sights and picturesque landscapes, but the main tourist attraction is the tourist farm Klemenšek, or na Klemenčem, as it is called by the locals.

The Solčava panoramic road in the Alps presents beautiful views of the pristine nature, which pleases the eyes of tourists. One can admire breath-taking views of steep mountain passes, dense forests, mountain meadows and the Logar Valley. However, the main object attracting attention is the farm itself with a roof made in traditional for this region style and lined with larch tiles.

turističnih Sloveniji

On the Klemenšek farm, one can taste local smoked culinary delicacies, such as a pig’s stomach cooked “in the Upper Savinja style” and a ham hock. This region is also famous for its sausages, lard, cracklings and pastes.

Nearby Attractions

Rinka Waterfall

The Logar Valley has one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia, which is very popular with tourists. It takes only 15 minutes of leisurely walking to get there from parking. Right next to the waterfall, there is Orlovo Gnezdo—a small hotel with an observation deck where tourists can enjoy friendly services and delicious meals.

turističnih Sloveniji

Mineral Spring

The foot of Mount Olševa hides one of the main pearls of the Solčava surroundings—a mountain spring that runs over from the tectonic fault formed between the Kamnik–Savinja Alps and the Karavanke Ridge. Its water is rich in iron and carbon dioxide thereby having a special sourish taste. This water is attributed to have healing properties.

Potočka Zijalka Cave

On the slope of Mount Olševa, at an altitude of about 1,700 metres above sea level, there is a cave called Potočka Zijalka. During the ice age, the cave was a place for a Neanderthal camp. On the territory of this archaeological monument, scientists found a variety of objects from the Neanderthal tools to the fossil remains of animals, including the bear fossils.