Russian Businessman Purchases a Hotel in the Rogaška Slatina Resort

The SWI-Medica Company owned by a Russian doctor and entrepreneur Nikolay Vorobyov, the owner of several clinics in Russia, Switzerland and Serbia, purchased the 5-star Aleksander Hotel. Details of the agreement are not disclosed.

The arbitration manager of the Hotel Aleksander Company (Rogaška Slatina) Gregor Dugar sold the same-named hotel at the open auction. The property was sold to the buyer along with the inventory and trademarks Hotel Aleksander and Restavracija Donatela. The only interested person was a foreign buyer who purchased the hotel at an initial price—for more than 5 million euros.

“I’m glad that we sold the hotel at the first open auction,” says Gregor Dugar. He also recalls that the court conducting the bankruptcy procedure must give its consent to the sales transaction. He does not disclose details about the buyer.

After selling the hotel, the bankruptcy procedure of the Hotel Aleksander Company, which began in December 2015, is gradually coming to its logical ending. The property sold on 31 July constituted the main part of the company’s assets. Dugar hopes that by the end of the year the bankruptcy procedure will finally be completed.

Hotel Aleksander (Rogaška Slatina) was closed in the first half of last year. Then the 5-star hotel was rented by the SWI-Medica Company owned by the Russian businessman Nikolay Vorobyov. The businessman owns several clinics in Russia, Switzerland and Serbia and, according to unofficial data, he is the hotel buyer.

After the hotel opening in June last year, it was reported that the tenant “would write its new story.” The new owner plans to open a medical centre in the hotel building.