Satriani, Siddharta, Mando Diao, Šank Rock and 100,000 Visitors at the 52nd Pivo in Cvetje Festival

The famous festival starts today.

The epicentre of the cultural and entertainment events moves to Laško, where the 52nd Pivo in Cvetje (“Beer and Flowers” – translator’s note) Festival opens tonight. The town has a population of 3,000 people. About 100,000 guests are expected to visit it during the next three days.

The organizers promise that the Festival held from 14 to 17 July will feature about 60 musical events for all tastes and all ages.

Tonight, the Festival will start on the main Zlatorog stage with a performance by the Tabu Band. Afterwards, guests will enjoy the performances by Voodoo Vegas from the UK, Siddharta and American guitarist Joe Satriani, who is also going to celebrate his 60-year anniversary in Laško. On Friday, Jinx, Happy Ol’McWeasel, Mi2 and Swedish artist Mando Diao will entertain guests on the main stage of the Festival. On Saturday, the Leteči Potepuhi, Jay Wud, Šank Rock, and Phil X & the Drills bands will perform.

The Jubilejnik stage will present the folk and pop music performances by Novi Fosili, Gadi. Igor in Zlati Zvoki, Fantje s Praprotna, ManuElla, Gibonni, Franca Miheliča Ensemble, and Manca Špik.

Pliš 5 with Jure Zrnec, Leni Kravats, Emersound, Patetico, Skampida, Balkan Boys, Vlatko Stefanovski, Jardier, Las Cuerdas, Orleki and Pequena Morte will perform at the Club stage. The Malt stage is intended for the most promising young Slovenian DJs followed by the old experienced performers.

The very title of the Festival makes it clear that beer and flowers will be in the centre of everybody’s attention. The town decorated with festive flowerbeds has already gained a festive look, because this year, about 1,223 seedlings were planted on the eve of the Festival!

Satriani, Siddharta, Mando Diao, Šank Rock ...

Siddharta will also participate at the Pivo in Cvetje Festival.

On Sunday, the guest will attend the final concert and an old custom wedding.

The Pivo in Cvetje Festival, which is the highlight of the summer cultural life in Slovenia, will finish on Sunday with gala parade and weddings held according to the ancient custom. The organizers say that the parade demonstrates the pride of Laško and the dignity of its citizens, the cultural and historical identity of the region, which possesses a unique appearance due to its long tradition of brewing.