SBC Bootcam Specialist Training Programme to Start on 6 November

The Club of Slovenian Entrepreneurs (Slovene: Klub slovenskih podjetnikov) is working on launching of an intensive SBC Bootcam programme. Its participants will be able to transfer their knowledge of technology, entrepreneurship, construction and natural sciences, obtained in vocational schools and engineering faculties, to practice and try their hand at developing various products.

Almost 7 thousand students received higher education in these fields in 2016. However, despite a significant number of graduates, Slovenia still lacks qualified personnel that meets the requirements of high-tech companies. Employers predominantly note a lack of necessary experience in the majority of candidates.

The SBC Bootcam members will cooperate to solve the urgent problems.

“In the course of the programme, those who are exclusively engaged in marketing will have an opportunity of trying themselves in design and engineering. Thus, they will manage to get acquainted with the specifics of work in other industries, with the way of thinking, working processes and the method of communication,” explains Jernej Pangeršič, a Katapult employee.

Applications for participation in the programme, which starts on 6 November and ends on 15 December, are accepted at