Schoolchildren from New Gorica Have Truly “Golden Heads”.

At the Erudite World Cup in Bangkok, three schoolchildren from Nova Gorica — Nika Vrabec, Alex Stepancic and Kolja Shyrok (the Milojke Štrukelj Primary School) — were selected for the Tournament of Champions, which will be held at the prestigious Yale University (the USA). They have proved that they can not only think originally, but also talk about the most pressing issues of our time.

Nika Vrabec won the gold medal. Kolja Shyrok won the silver medal. Alex Stepancic was awarded the commendation as a member of the winning team. During the tournament, they had to write an essay, which required detailed answers to specific questions. They had to work through a variety of sources related to politics, biology, medicine, and combine all acquired knowledge together.