Schoolchildren of Slovenia Participate in the Interregional Competition of Young Cyclists

Within the framework of the Safe on Bicycle programme (in Slovene: Varno na kolesu), the interregional competition of young cyclists, pupils of the country’s basic schools, has been held for the sixth time in Slovenia. The organizers aimed at training young cyclists to ride a bike well among the automobile traffic, providing them with the necessary knowledge of safe riding rules and motivating them to use bicycle efficiently in the everyday life.

This year, 3,681 schoolchildren from more than 100 basic schools have participated in the competition. Participants successfully scored points, performing various tasks and solving problems associated with riding a bicycle.

At the end of the competition, pupils from the Maks Pečar basic school won the victory in the central region of Slovenia. Second place was taken by the basic school Gradec v Litiji, and the bronze prize went to the Janka Modra basic school (settlement of Dol pri Ljubljani).

It should be noted that cycling is very popular in Slovenia because of its benefits for health and ecology. You can read about 25 arguments in favour of choosing a bicycle as a vehicle here.