Scientists from the University of Ljubljana Develop an Innovative Technology for Soil Purification

Together with the ENVIT and Arhel companies, the scientists combined the scientific achievements of five ARRS research projects.

In late September, a demonstration facility with an innovative technology for cleaning soils contaminated with lead and other heavy metals will be put into operation in the Dobja settlement. It was built as part of the LIFE ReSoil project.

This facility is the result of a successful cooperation between the scientists from the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana (UL BF) and the ENVIT and Arhel companies. They combined the scientific findings of five ARRS research projects. The results were published in 20 Bachelor and Master’s theses, 6 PhD theses and over 30 articles in international publications.

Soil purification technology has an international patent. Ljubljana Professor Dr. Domen Leštan from the Agronomy Department of the Faculty of Biotechnology leads the development of this technology.

The purification process is a closed cycle without environmental releases. It moves lead and other heavy metals from the ground to the aquatic environment and from water into a solid medium. This is the only waste of the soils purification process. Such soils are then suitable for the subsequent cultivation of garden and vegetable crops.

According to the European Environment Agency, there are about 35% of contaminated soils on the continent. About 250 thousand land plots need immediate cleaning. In Slovenia, the most polluted soils are in Mežiška Valley, Litija, Domžale, Celje, and Jesenice.

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