Scientists from the University of Nova Gorica Made a Unique Discovery in the Field of Organic Electronics

Once again, the achievement of Slovenian scientists has travelled around the world. According to RTV Slovenija, the scientists from the University of Nova Gorica along with their colleagues from France and Germany have developed a memory cell (spominska celica) for organic electronics.

The discovery was published in “Nature Nanotechnology”, a prestigious international scientific journal. The inventors believe that organic electronics is a challenge of the future. The said multi-level cell with a storage capacity of 256 bits, which is 256 times more than in a single-level cell, opens fantastic opportunities for its application.

According to one of the cell developers, a staff member of the University of Nova Gorica Egon Pavlica, the cell accumulates information in the shortest possible time (during 5 minutes only) and even creates an electronic memory paper (elektronski spominski papir). Thus, an entire home library can be easily stored in a pocket.


The research team includes a number of foreign doctoral students, in particular from the PRC and Ukraine. Nadja Pastukova from the T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University represents Ukraine. She states that the laboratories of the University of Nova Gorica are equipped with the most modern equipment, which places this university among the best world research centres. Dr. Guido Bratina supervises the scientists.