Šelinka – Vegetable Hotpot with Celery


  1. 1 large bunch of celery,
  2. 2–3 large potatoes,
  3. 1 small carrot,
  4. 1 handful of beans,
  5. 100–150 g pancetta[*],
  6. vegetable oil,
  7. 1 tbsp flour,
  8. broth,
  9. celery leaves,
  10. salt, pepper.


Peel potatoes, cut into pieces and boil. Peel and finely chop a bunch of celery. Pour a little vegetable oil into the frying pan, put chopped pancetta, add grated celery and finely chopped carrots. Stew all ingredients together for about 10–15 minutes. Then sprinkle with flour and pour a little broth or water. Cook for another 1–2 minutes.

Mash the potatoes. Add the stewed celery to the mashed potato, add a little broth and water and cook further for 20–30 minutes.

If desired, add smoked pork ribs of dry salting, sausage.

Approximately 5 minutes before the dish is ready, add 2–3 tablespoons of finely chopped celery leaves.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Source: kulinarika.net

[*] Pancetta is a variety of bacon, a typical meat product of Italian Cuisine. Pancetta is an Italian bacon made of pork belly meat, that is salt cured and spiced with black pepper, fennel and sometimes other spices.