SES Company Will Build a Shopping Centre in the Šiška Microdistrict

The SES Company managing the Citypark shopping centre (Ljubljana) will build a new large shopping centre in the Šiška microdistrict with an area of ​​approximately 32,000 square metres. The cost of the project is 150 million euros. The construction works will begin on 15 June 2017 and will end in the autumn of 2019. Spar Slovenija plans to be the largest tenant. The opening of the new centre will create 700 new work places.

SES operates several shopping centres in Slovenia, such as Citypark and Centre Interspar Vič (both in Ljubljana), Europark (Maribor) and Citycenter (Celje). The largest of them – Citypark – will now have a “younger sister” in the Šiška microdistrict, the Director of the Šiška project Toni Pugelj said at a press conference in Ljubljana.

The shopping centre in Ljubljana will be located near the residential complex Celovški dvor. The tender for the first stage of construction works has already been announced. Toni Pugelj notes that Slovenian construction companies have already been invited for cooperation and that prospective tenants express a huge interest in this project.

The total area of ​​the centre will be approximately 32,000 square meters. A number of restaurants, facilities for outdoor activities and sports will be nested on the centre’s roof floor. Landscaping will be also provided. The shopping centre will be equipped with 1,600 parking places.