Seven Job Positions for Mobile Students

The Centre for Contemporary Education as a coordinator of Konzorcija Erasmus (featuring the University of Primorska as one of its participants) allocates seven vacancies for mobile students to acquire education abroad under the Erasmus + program and the “Mobility for Enhancement of Student’s Employability” project. The project is open for a targeted use of funds.

The project is intended for senior students for the purposes of expanding their overall knowledge. With this project, Konzorcij aims to assist in solving the problems faced by students when entering the labour market, and at the same time to provide companies with the qualified staff featuring practical experience.

Despite a large number of graduates, companies often face difficulties in recruiting qualified staff. They distinguish a lack of practical skills and, as a result, a wrong attitude to work as their greatest difficulty in recruitment. The main objective of the project is to provide students with the ability to get employed quickly and with optimal result.

The entire practical training course, which is realized under the auspices of the Centre for Contemporary Education, is divided into three stages:

– a one-month internship in Slovenian companies or organizations;

– a three-month internship in foreign companies or organizations;

– a one-month implementation of knowledge and skills in a Slovenian company or organization.

While participating in the project, students will choose a Slovenian company for the internship in accordance with their interests, needs and specialization. They will get acquainted with the principles and specific nature of its work. Then they will choose a profile enterprise or organization from abroad in order to compare the operational principles of both. They will see different sides of life of an enterprise, especially its production, structure, etc. to eventually transfer the gained useful knowledge and skills into the working process of the previously selected Slovenian company. This will allow students not only to broaden their horizons, but also to obtain qualification and the primary work experience and to improve their chances for a quick and successful employment in future.

Within the framework of the Erasmus + program, a student has an opportunity to be mobile (when training and/or practicing) — for a maximum of 12 months at each level of education.

A student can use only one form of mobility.


Registration includes the following steps:

1. Writing application:

2. A current registration document, which should not be older than one month.

3. Statement on the Erasmus student status that can be found here:

4. Europass autobiography with photo:

5. Motivation letter, which should include a personal presentation and answers to the following questions:

Why do you want to join the program, and what do you expect from the program?

With what Slovenian company or organisation would you like to cooperate? Why? How do you intend to convince this company or organisation to participate in the project?

How do you plan to organize your mobility abroad in order to achieve maximum effect and results (which one?) for a Slovenian company?


Who can register to participate in the project?

The students on Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs of any of the Konzorcija participants:

– the University of Maribor (UM-VŠI),

– the University of Primorska (UP-VŠI),

– the Institute for Environmental Protection (VŠVO),

– the Institute of Public Health in Celje (VZŠCE),

– the Institute of Industrial Engineering (VŠPI).

When registering, students must have the status of a course participant or be in the last year of studies.


The above list of documents should be sent to the following address:

Read registration details in the Attachment.

Registration form for participation in the Konzorcij Erasmus 2016 project.