Seven Wishes for the First-Year Students

Several wishes for the freshmen that are intended to facilitate the yesterday’s schoolchildren entry into a new life. Faculty is a symbol of a new stage of life for the newly fledged students. What could be done so that freshmen would remember only the positive side of this time?

We have prepared seven most important things that freshmen need to know at the beginning of their student life.

1. Do you think that you have learned enough? Learn more!

The time when a slight looking through a textbook was quite enough for a successful study and good grades has passed. You will need two weeks rather than a day to prepare for your exams. And even in this case, you will be nervously biting your nails and feel uncertain during the test day. Be demanding on yourself and do not delay your studies until the last day. You will not achieve success without hard work and perseverance. The curating students are always ready to help you in the event of any difficulties.

2. Behave as adults.

The time of children’s amusements and school pranks is over. You are expected to demonstrate an adult and responsible behaviour. Do not challenge and do not be rude to your fellow students and never interrupt teachers. Such behaviour certainly speaks of your immaturity and unpreparedness.

3. Always be self-dependent.

A student is a self-dependent personality and you have to get used to this fact. This can mean that you will have to cook for yourself, visit the library, and so on. The study will force you to become self-reliant regardless of whether you are ready for this or not. However, if a difficult choice arises in front of you, you can always call your parents and ask them for advice.

4. Try to be engaged in new activities.

Perhaps it sounds banal, but it is true. During your studies, you can try an infinite number of new activities. Work out, join a section, or take part in a tourism campaign. For sure, you will like something you have never even heard before.

5. Enjoy the nightlife.

For the majority of freshmen, the nightlife is one of the main priorities. Remember, to be a student means to combine study with entertainments. The years of students life is the time when you can live to the fullest, go to parties, discos, nightclubs. Do not waste the time, relax as you wish to, but never forget to think with your own head. Is it wise to visit a bar alone? Bring your friends with you! Believe us, it will be more fun.

6. Choose an education program after your heart. Choose a profession that you really like.

In the course of studying, many students understand that they have made a mistake in choosing an academic program. If you understand that this is exactly for you, do not waste your time. No need to suffer and torment yourself with subjects that you are not interested in. Carefully read the curricula of other faculties and change your program.

7. Appreciate every moment!

People do not lie when they say that the student years were the best time of their life. Leave city for weekends, celebrate small successes, communicate with friends and enjoy life to the best of your abilities and desires. The time of studies is short, but it will always be the most important period of your life, which paves the way to your future.