Several Thousand Gorenje Employees Return to Work

On 14 April 2020, Gorenje resumed its production. All the factories returned to work (including those in the Czech Republic and Serbia) but in a special mode and with the use of protective measures introduced by the company management in January 2020. According to the company representatives, in view of the lower daily production capacity during the current week, 429 out of 3,021 Gorenje employees remain at home in a standby mode or for childcare, and/or due to the cancellation of public transport. It is worth noting that, under an agreement with the Trade Union, standby employees were at home only two working days.

We also recall that in January 2020, Gorenje introduced stringent protective measures. In particular, they included the disinfection of work surfaces at least twice a day, the disinfection of meeting rooms. Since January 2020, all business trips to and from China have been banned, and all other non-essential business trips have also been prohibited. A sufficient amount of disinfectants was purchased.

Before entering the territory of the company, employees must measure the temperature. There is a special regime in the dining room – only two persons can sit at one table, but not opposite each other. Office employees do not go to the dining room but dine at their workplaces. Within Gorenje territory, employees must wear face masks and ensure proper hand and workplace hygiene. Instead of business meetings, employees are encouraged to communicate in the format of Skype conferences and telephone conferences.