Slovene Designs a Racing Wheel for Aston Martin GT4

The racing hand controls under the MME Motorsport trademark manufactured by the Slovene Marko Mlakar in a small home office has been successfully integrated into the British Aston Martin GT4 racing car. The world’s former Formula 1 champion Damon Hill also uses this model.

The racing wheel designed by a 36-year-old businessman Marko Mlakar in collaboration with the Brit Team allows people without legs or without one hand to drive racing cars. The BBC showed a story about this steering wheel installed in the Aston Martin GT4 racing car.

Marko Mlakar lives and works in the settlement of Žiri (Gorenjska region). He holds a degree in programming after graduating from the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Ljubljana. Previously, he worked as an application developer in an advertising agency. Over time, being interested in automotive industry, he decided to change his profession. He mastered a new business on his own. First, he produced pneumatic power steering boosters, and then developed a steering wheel that allows people with limited physical abilities to drive racing cars. According to the inventor himself, he has to work for 16 hours a day to achieve the result.