Slovene Katja Matovič Is the Best Ophthalmologist in Europe

A young Slovenian doctor Katja Matovič from Ljubljana took the first place in the Pan-European qualifying examination in ophthalmology in Paris held annually by the European Society of Ophthalmologists. A total of 651 doctors from all EU countries participated in testing.

Speaking the language of sports, it is possible to say that you are the champion of Europe in ophthalmology. Who else participated in the exam?

In Paris, young ophthalmologists from 27 EU countries participated in the exam. Six people represented Slovenia, and all of them successfully passed the examination. Professor Marko Hawlina initiated Slovenia’s participation in the exam. He was heading the European Society of Ophthalmologists for several years. From year to year, the number of exam participants grows. The current number of 651 persons is apparently the maximum number of participants. The same number of young ophthalmologist will appear in Europe this year.

Can your success be called a sensation or is the ophthalmology in Slovenia at a really high level?

Such a result is testament to the effectiveness of our education system and the rate of high qualification of our mentors. Previously, the Slovenian doctors managed to win this contest for three times. In past years, Martina Jarc Vidmar and Peter Preskar celebrated the victory, while Petra Scholmayer, Vladzimir Butkevich, Marko Šulak, Rok Grčar and Irena Irman Grčar got the prize places. We spend most of the time in a specialized eye clinic in Ljubljana, which provides high quality services. In addition, mentors’ recommendations play a large role during the formation of young ophthalmologists.