Slovene Maks Veselko Enters the Guinness Book of Records

Slovene Maks Veselko, a member of the group of acrobats, set a world record, which will be included into the Guinness Book of Records – a 3.55 metres somersault with a throw of the ball into the basket.

This throw allowed the Dunking Devil group of acrobats to surpass the American Milwaukee Bucks team (USA), which has kept the record result since 2012.

The achievement was established on 17 December 2016 in Cyprus within the match of local basketball stars. The record somersault with the throw of the ball into the basket was performed in the presence of the public and the official judge. Maks Veselko took a height of 3.55 metres improving the previous record by 5 centimetres.

The official registration of the record and its recording in the Guinness Book of Records will take place in a few months, and for now, the Slovenian team can rejoice in the official recognition of the record.