Slovene Primož Kirn Develops an Online Fitness Application for Disabled People

A well-known Slovenian fitness coach and therapist Primož Kirn has developed an online application that allows disabled people to exercise at home.

Primož Kirn has almost 20 years of experience in working with Paralympian athletes – basketball players, volleyball players, judo athletes, rugby players, tennis players, football players, hockey players. He has participated in more than a dozen major international competitions, such as the Olympics, the world and European championships. His career history involves work with the national teams of Slovenia, Australia, Brazil, and Greece. In particular, Primož Kirn worked as a coach of such table tennis masters as Gal Jakič, Will Bayley and Guilhermo Costa. Currently, Kirn trains a tennis player of the Greek national team, Georg Mouchthis, for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

The application allows users to choose a training programme (one out of five difficulty levels), an optimal load level and a nutrition diet. The description of each exercise includes video, which helps users to better understand how to perform it. Among other things, the online application contains recommendations for healthy eating. The application is available for use and can be installed on a mobile phone. Monthly subscription fee is 30 USD.

Primož Kirn adds that all users of the online application will be members of a special private group in Facebook, in which they can receive advisory assistance of experts. Besides, monthly webinars on various topics are planned, for example, about balanced nutrition.

The online application is currently available in English, which significantly increases the number of potential users. “Our goal is to translate it into Slovenian by the end of the year,” Primož Kirn notes.

It should be noted that Kirn continues to study and advance his qualification. He has recently taken part in a workshop for trainers working with disabled people in Greece.