The Slovene Sašo Kastelic Invented a Pan for Baking Pizzas in Three Minutes

How to Bake a Pizza without an Oven? Now it is possible. The Slovene Sašo Kastelic from Trbovlje has just finished fundraising for the Ironate pizza pan project. More than 1,000 people have supported his campaign on the Kickstarter website, who donated more than 133 thousand euros for the manufacture of this pan.

This amount exceeded the Kastelic’s expectations, who hoped to gather 20 thousand US dollars (a little more than 18 thousand euros). The pan is a steel container with a cover and removable wooden handles. According to Kastelic, in 2017, he wants to optimize the production and gather a team of developers to upgrade the Ironate. The Slovenian inventor plans to improve the pan. The manufacture also includes a special extension, which would make the pan more spacious and ensure baking bread and other bakery products directly on a stove burner.

An Oven-baked Like Pizza

The developers note that an oven is no longer required to cook pizza, because the pan is heated to 430 °C in just 10 minutes on a stove burner, and pizza needs only 3 minutes for baking.

The developers found their inspiration from the time of their grandmothers’ culinary arts. The aim of the project was to combine the ancient traditions of baking in pans with the modern materials and technologies. Due to these materials, the cooking method, and the pan structure, it seems that pizza has been cooked in a true oven.

The team adds that the pan can also be used for cooking other dishes.