Slovene Wins Bronze at the European Triathlon Championships

The eighth final stage was held in Rotterdam (Holland). Jaroslav Kovačič came third completing the final discipline (a running marathon) with a result of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The British Joe Skipper took gold, and an athlete from Ukrainian Viktor Zemtsev got silver.

“A rainy morning promised many surprises. However, the swim was simple and comfortable. I finished swimming in the 4th place. I was unsuccessful in the first round of cycling race, my legs went rubbery and weak, and my head ached. Nevertheless, I rallied my thoughts and persuaded myself to continue the fight, because Skipper and Zemtsev were only one-step removed from me. I completed the cycling race in the 5th place, and then ran well. My legs felt light and my breathing was stable. I ran all six laps evenly and was the third to cross the finish line. It was incredible,” 33-year-old Kovačič shared his experiences.