Slovenia Allocates 1.5 Million Euros for the Restoration of Cultural Monuments

In 2017, the Government co-finances the repair and restoration works at 44 sites. As part of the project dedicated to protecting the country’s cultural heritage, the roof and three towers of the Brežice Castle will also be repaired.

Since 2014, this is the first project that provides for the allocation of funds for the protection and preservation of cultural monuments. As part of the first stage, the main forces will be directed to the objects in critical or pre-emergency condition. At the second stage of the project, cosmetic restorations will be held on the monuments without serious architectural and engineering-geodetic problems.

When choosing objects of restoration, attention was paid to the state, the importance for preserving the original materials, technologies, knowledge and skills, and importance. The planned popularization of monuments is as important as their relationship with other similar projects and programmes.

A detailed list of 44 approved projects is available at (pdf, 287 KB).