Slovenia and Norway Are the Most Child Friendly Countries

Slovenia and Norway topped the list of the best countries for children to live in according to the Save the Children international organization.

The Save the Children study uses the End of Childhood index to assess the healthcare and well-being of children around the world. They also take into account the quality of food, the level of access to education, the infant mortality rate, child marriages, child labour, teenage pregnancy and regional conflicts.

The organization notes that childhood ends prematurely for almost 700 million children around the world. Save the Children believes that the main reasons for this are poor health, regional conflicts, violence, early pregnancy, malnutrition, lack of access to good education, and child labour.

Except for South Korea, which shares the 10th place with Germany, Belgium and Cyprus, the top 10 child friendly countries include only European states. These countries received very high marks in the field of healthcare, education and child protection. The top ten most disadvantaged countries in relation to children are 7 states of western and central Africa.

Slovenija skupaj z Norveško do otrok najprijaznejša država

According to the report results, the United States was only in 36th place, which gave an occasion to the American edition Daily News for an ironic piece of advice to Melania Trump to ship off her son Barron back to her native Slovenia instead of Washington.