Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm

The representative of Slovenia ManuElla will compete for a place in the Eurovision finals with the song “Red and Blue”.

ManuEllaThis evening (12 May), the second semi-final of the main European song contest — Eurovision will take place at the Globe Arena in Stockholm. ManuElla, who performs the song «Red and blue», will represent Slovenia. The composition won the super final of the Slovenian national selection during the spectators remote voting, which took place in Slovenia in February.

“A good song is very important, but it is only half the battle. What is essential is the overall image created on the stage, i.e. there should be a self-contained performance,” ManuElla said in the chat room. ManuElla also did not manage to escape the question about her favourite colour. To everyone’s surprise, it is neither blue, nor red, nor purple. The singer says that lately she has been sleeping little because of the excitement, but promises to be full of energy at the time of entering the stage.

It should be recalled that the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Stockholm on 8 May. There was a draw of those who automatically entered the finals according to the rules. The first semi-final was held on 10 May, which resulted in a trip to the finals for 10 performers, including the leader of the current bookmaker forecasts. Sergey Lazarev — the representative of Russia. The Contest finals will be held on 14 May with the participation of 26 artists.