Slovenia Basketball Team Defeats the Spaniards in the Semifinals

At the European Championships, the national team of Slovenia led by the captain Goran Dragić made a sensation defeating Spaniards, the current holder of the title and the main favourite of the tournament, with a score of 92:72.

The rival of the Slovenia’s national team in the final game on 17 September will be determined tonight after the match between Russia and Serbia.

Already in the first part of the hot game, Slovenia (except the starting minutes) was ahead in the score. Slovenes gained the first 9 points after a successful three-pointer. Randolph, Blažič, and Dragić distinguished themselves.

After Dragić’s three-pointer, Slovenia could only breathe a sigh of relief for a moment (29:35), since the champions of Europe managed to earn 4 points (Rodriguez, Juan Hernangómez). Dončić once again managed to distinguish himself by a three-pointer, but M. Gasol reduced the score to 38:40 in a counter-attack.

Before the break, Saša Zagorac returned the initiative to the Slovenes. First, he performed a three-pointer (38:45), and then forced M. Gasol to make a mistake in the attack. A professional partner play by Nikolić-Vidmar allowed the Slovenes to increase their lead to 9 points (38:47).

In the first half of the second 30 minutes, Rubio performed the resulting throw. After a long time, Randolph “showed” himself in the attack (47:57). His next throw made the fans stand up (50:63), and then Dimec completed the fascinating combination (52:65).

Spain moved to zonal defense, which was immediately “revealed” by Prepelič (57:76). A new three-pointer and the player gained total of 13 points. Spain converted chances, scored 5 points and cut the gap (62:76). In the 35th minute, the captain Goran Dragić successfully performed a three-pointer and the advantage of the Slovenes grew to 62:83.

Spain – Slovenia 72:92 (19:25, 26:24, 12:24, 15:19).

P. Gasol16Randolph15
M. Gasol12Prepelič13
W. Hernangomez6Dončić11
San Emeterio6Nikolić7
J. Hernangomez5Dimec7


Two-pointers: 18/36; 21/42.

Three-pointers: 7/27; 14/25.

Free strikes: 15/16; 8/12.

Rebounds: 35; 35.