Slovenia Consistently Ranks Among the World’s Safest Countries

Analytical website has published a ranking of the world’s safest countries. Slovenia with an index of 77.99 is in the top ten list. Together with Slovenia, the list of the countries with the lowest crime rates include Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Georgia, Armenia, Switzerland, and Oman. Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Honduras, and Afghanistan hold the last positions in the ranking.

It is also worth noting that, according to the results of the first half of 2019, the experts of the portal put Ljubljana 23rd among 328 cities around the world in the latest ranking of city safety.

The Numbeo rankings are based on the publicly available data. Media publications are used as the source of information. The service belongs to the Serbian company Numbeo d.o.o. Its Head, Mladen Adamović, is a former Google employee.

It should be noted that the high level of living safety in Slovenia is confirmed by many other rankings. Including the data of the Travel Safety Map 2017, the data of the Institute of Economics and Peace, and the Global Finance Magazine ranking.