Slovenia Hosts Two Culinary Festivals

On this weekend, the regions of Slovene Littoral (Slovene: Primorska) and Gorizia (Slovene: Gorica) are experiencing a real wine-culinary boom. There are two festivals dedicated to winemaking in the Vipava Valley. Today the Odprta Kuhna Festival has been opened in Koper for the first time this year. The Carpaccio square, Pristaniška street and Taverna are again filled with the delicate flavours of cuisines from around the world. Saturday’s culinary events will be held in Koper once a month except July and August.

V Vipavski dolini bosta kar dva festivala

Taste Zelen — Feel Slap

Today, from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., the old 800-year-old village of Slap (Vipava, Slovene Littoral) will host a wine-culinary event called “Taste Zelen — Feel Slap” (Slovene: Okusi zelen – doživi Slap). During the event, the winemakers from the Slap village will represent various wines of the Zelen variety (from sparkling to strong ones). Slap is considered the capital of this Vipava autochthonous variety. The well-known Majerija household is responsible for feeding guests.

Entrance fee: 10 euros.

The Okusi Vipavske Wine Festival in Zemon Mansion

However, tasting of Zelen wine will not end the wine festival in the Vipava Valley. On Sunday and Monday from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m., the idyllic old Zemon mansion will host the traditional Okusi Vipavske Wine Festival, where 37 local winemakers will represent their products (including Batič, Burja, Guerila, Sutor, and Tilia). This year, the wineries of Slavonia (Croatia) invite foreign guests as well.

Different culinary workshops will be held during these two days — Andrej Gerželj (Pekarna OSEM) and Mitja Ilc (Ogenj in Mocarela) will teach visitors how to cook bread from leaven, Klemen Košir will cook jota — Sauer turnip soup, and the guests from Naples — Cristiano Piccirillo (the Antica Friggitoria Masardona Restaurant) and Salvatore Capparelli (Patisserie Capparelli) will demonstrate the high culinary art.

In addition to wines, visitors can taste products made by local manufacturers (honey, sunflower oil, cheese, meat products, jam, and tea). On Monday, the invited representatives of the hospitality industry will join the winemakers in the Zemon mansion.

Entrance fee: 15 euros.