Slovenia Introduces Apprenticeship Programmes in Secondary Vocational Schools

In 2017, Slovenia, following the example of a number of European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Denmark) began to introduce apprenticeship programmes within the secondary vocational education system. Its essence lies in the fact that students spend half of their academic time at enterprises, where they master basic skills and knowledge, are acquainted with specific features of a chosen profession, which in future helps them become qualified and in-demand employees being “hunted” by employers. Students work under the guidance of mentors who are responsible for their safety and provide them with specialized knowledge. In addition to acquiring professional experience, students receive a monthly remuneration.

In the 2018/2019 academic year, more than 200 companies in Slovenia will open their doors to students. On their basis, students will be able to receive a practical education in 8 deficit occupations: a metalworking engineer-toolmaker, a hotel worker, a carpenter, a bricklayer, a paper production specialist, a mechanical engineer/machine builder, a decorator, and a glass blower.

To date, apprenticeship programmes have been introduced by such educational institutions, as Novo Mesto Educational Centre, Slovenj Gradec Educational Centre, Nova Gorica Educational Centre, Škofja Loka Educational Centre, Secondary School for Construction, Geodesy and Environmental Protection (Ljubljana), Bežigrad Secondary Professional School, Maribor Polytechnic Educational Centre, Izola Secondary School, Secondary School for Hotel Business and Tourism Industry (Radenci), Rogaška Slatina Educational Centre, Kranj Educational Centre, Velenje Educational Centre, and Krško-Sevnica Educational Centre. The apprenticeship programmes will be provided by secondary vocational schools countrywide.

Inquiries:, +386 01 58 98 531 (Ana Zemva Novak, a consultant on vocational education and apprenticeship at the Chamber of Commerce).