Slovenia National Basketball Team Enters the Quarterfinals of the World Cup

Slovenia men’s national basketball team (3 x 3) reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup, where they will meet with Qatar.

Gašper Ovnik (35 years old, 190 cm), Simon Finžgar (37 years old, 196 cm), Adin Kavgić (30 years old, 197 cm) and Anže Srebovt (25 years old, 199 cm) managed to beat France and the Philippines after starting victories over Romania and El Salvador.

The national team of France lost with a score of 19:17. The match started with equal score (2:2), but then both teams grew bolder and began to play openly, so that when the score reached 10:9, the winner question remained in limbo. Yet at the end of the fight, the Slovenes succeeded in a powerful “+5” breakthrough, which brought them such an important victory. In the match against the national team of the Philippines, the Slovenes led in score from the very beginning and eventually celebrated the victory with a score of 21:14.

Gašper Ovnik became the best player of the day.

The Slovenes are the second-rated participants in the tournament (after the Serbs). Qatar is the fourteenth.

Quarterfinals, 21 June:

Serbia (1) – United States (4)

Ukraine (6) – France (10)

Slovenia (2) – Qatar (14)

Netherlands (5) – Russia (8)