Slovenia Plans to Allocate 400 Million Euros to Repair Highways

Slovenia has budgeted 200 million euros annually for the development of road infrastructure in 2017 and 2018. If the level of funding is maintained, then, according to the calculations of the Department of Infrastructure, Slovenia will be able to fully provide itself with the high-quality motorways during the next 6 years.

Approximately 6,000 kilometres of state roads were not exposed to the necessary checks and repairs in the past, as the Government was always short of money for this purposes.

The draft budgets for the years 2017–2018 are intended to lay down the foundations for the road infrastructure in Slovenia. It is planned to allocate 198.3 million euros for this purpose in the draft budget for 2017, and 206.2 million euros — in the project for 2018. As compared to the budget for 2016, the amount of allocated funds will grow by 20.4 million euros in 2017, and then by another 7.9 million euros in 2018. The amount of additional subventions will make 28.3 million euros.

The Projects of Road Repairs

The largest infrastructure projects (over 2.5 million euros) over the next 2 years, according to the Department of Infrastructure:

  1. the 4-lane Škofljica motorway,
  2. the Želin-Dolenja Trebuša route,
  3. a by-pass road in Murska Sobota,
  4. a by-pass road in Bled,
  5. the Mežica-Črna na Koroškem route,
  6. a by-pass road in Krsko.

It is also planned to repair the road surface, renew the crushed-rock roads, reconstruct and erect bridges, provide sound insulation for the surrounding settlements, and liquidate the consequences of avalanches.

Repairs of Railways at the Expenses of the EU Funds

According to the draft budget, 165.2 million euros are planned for the development of the railway infrastructure in 2017, and 198.4 million euros — in 2018. The share of the EU structural funds amounts to 124.4 million euros.

It is expected that the following objects of railway infrastructure will be repaired and reconstructed:

  1. the Pragersko railway station,
  2. the Maribor-Šentilj railroad haul,
  3. the Poljčane-Slovenska Bistrica railroad haul,
  4. a narrow railway track section in the Bivje area along the Divača-Koper route,
  5. the railway tracks in the Kočevje area,
  6. the Karavanke tunnel,
  7. the Zidani Most-Celje railroad haul,

In addition, it is planned to install the ETCS system in some areas and the railway signalling system for remote control and monitoring of rail transportation within the areas of the 10th transportation corridor lines.