Slovenia’s Budget Revenues from the Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises Amount to 1 Billion Euros

The revenues to the state budget of Slovenia from the privatization of state-owned enterprises amounted to 1 billion euros over the past 6 years. At the same time, the recent sale of a 65% share in the NLB Bank makes the major part of these revenues. The most profitable were the years 2014 and 2016, when the state sold large enterprises. When selling the country’s largest bank, the shares of which were sold at a price of 51.50 EUR after a successful IPO procedure, the government received revenues of 609 million euros.

“The proceeds from the sale of capital investments in the NLB Bank were transferred to the budget and used to pay off the debt in accordance with the Law on Public Finance,” the Finance Ministry states. More than 540 million euros or 90% of the proceeds were used to repay the debt, and the remaining 10% were transferred to a special account of the Ministry.

Since 2013, when the National Assembly confirmed the list of 15 state-owned enterprises to be privatized, the national budget has received a total of 983.7 million euros in revenue.

Other most well-known privatized enterprises are the manufacturer of medical laser equipment Fotona, the manufacturer of electronics Letrika, the airline Aerodrom Ljubljana, the manufacturer of sports equipment Elan, the airline company Adria Airways Tehnika, the manufacturer of bread and macaroni Žito, etc.