Slovenia’s Olive Oils Are Among the Best in the World

Olive oils from eight Slovenian manufacturers are among the 500 best olive oils from around the world. These are the data of the world famous specialized publication Flos Olei.

The oils that received the highest marks (from 95 to 100 points) include Slovenian brands Dujc, Jenko and Morgan. They are followed by olive oils Adamič – Olje Ronkaldo, Ekološka Kmetija Bem – Boris Sabadin, Ekološka kmetija Bočaj and Oleum Solis – Matjaž Bordon.

Among the seven olive oils originating from Slovenia’s Istria, there is the oil produced by the Monte Rosso farm, which is geographically located on the Croatian side of the border, but belongs to the Slovenian owner.

The ranking also includes olive oils from Japan, New Zealand and Peru. The greatest amount of olive oils represented in the ranking (almost half of all claimed sorts) is produced in Italy. Croatia is also well represented (80 olive oils with 2 from Dalmatia and the rest from Istria).