Slovenia to Host the International Universiade on Floorball in 2020

International University Sports Association (FISU) published a list of International Universiades for 2020. One of them will be held in Slovenia. The Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA) received the right to conduct the championship on floorball.

In October, a presentation of the Slovenian University Sports Association was held by its president, Master Patrik Peroša, and the Head of the panel of arbitrators of the Slovenian Floorball Federation (FZS), Aleš Zorman. It is planned that the event will be held in Koper.

The Slovenian University Sports Association has a rich experience in organizing international sports universiades of various levels. It has already held 11 competitions of such kind, including two international universiades.

The International University Sports Association for the first time included floorball into its competition calendar in 2002. The first international universiade was held in Swedish Gothenburg. Bern (Switzerland, 2006), Kuortane (Finland, 2008), Umeå (Sweden, 2010), Prague (Czech Republic, 2012), Singapore (2014) and Porto (Portugal, 2016) picked up the baton. In 2018, the International Universiade on Floorball will be held in Lodz (Poland).

Floorball is a team kind of sport, hockey in a hall. It is played indoors on a hard flat floor with a plastic ball, strikes against which are applied with a special stick. The sense of the game is to hit the ball into the opponent’s gates.