Slovenia to Spend 36.5 Million Euros on the Improvement of Northern Slovene Littoral

The funds will be used to develop local infrastructure and education. The following projects are planned to be implemented: the Centre for Administrative Services in Nova Gorica, the regional scheme for the allocation of scholarships and the improvement of roads within the fourth axis of development.

The European Union and the Government will allocate 32 million euros out of the total amount of 36.5 million euros. It is planned to spend 1.6 million euros for the construction of the Centre for Administrative Services in Nova Gorica, 3.9 million euros for the regional scheme of scholarships allocation, and 34 million euros for the creation of a transport corridor and the modernization of local roads according to the fourth axis of development.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek and the Chairman of the Council for the Development of the Northern Slovene Littoral Region Matej Arčon. The road infrastructure will improve the communication between the valley of the River Soča and the district of Idrija-Cerkno. The reconstruction and expansion of roads will be provided. In the period until 2020, it is planned to continue the already begun works on the highway between the village of Želin and the village of Dolenja Trebuša, as well as between the village of Dolenja Trebuša and the village of Bača along the River Idrica, and the construction of the Tolminsk ring road.

The Centre for Administrative Services in Nova Gorica is supposed to unite the activities of all societies and institutions working in the social sphere. The municipality of Nova Gorica purchased the building of the future Centre after the bankruptcy of the Primorje Company. Now there is a free clinic for people without medical insurance and premises for the homeless. In the future, it is planned to improve the premises for the Slovenian Mental Health Association Šent and other institutions.

To develop the region, the Government also supported the two cross-border projects, which will be implemented jointly by Slovenia and Italy: the eco-construction of social infrastructure in the sub-basins of rivers Soča, Vipava, and Idrica, as well as measures on flood protection in the sub-basin of the Vipava River.