Slovenia Unites: Anja Janko

Students from different countries talk about their life and studies in Slovenia. They tell about the reasons, for which they chose this country and what has changed in their life after moving to Slovenia. You can find out about these facts and many others in our articles. Last week we published an interview with Elizaveta Popova, a student of the University in Nova Gorica. Today Anja Janko explains her choice of the Criminal Justice and Data Security study programme.

Name: Anja Janko

Age: 24

Hometown, country: Novo Mesto, Slovenia

University: University of Maribor

Study programme: Criminal Justice and Data Security (Diploma in Information Technology)

– Hello, Anja. Why have you chosen this study programme?

– I have always been interested in professions related to data protection. Here I have found what I like.

– What did you like about the study process?

– I actually liked several issues:

  1. I had a wide variety of subjects. It was not boring to study (I had such subjects as criminology, psychology, forensic medical examination, physical education, law, etc.)
  2. We were taught by nice professors who cared about us.
  3. Knowledge was provided by professionals, experienced, loving and knowledgeable people.
  4. I had many interesting extracurricular activities. For example, we often went with other students on excursions.
  5. All training materials are new editions with up-to-date information. If the information changes, then the textbooks are republished.

– Why did you stay to study in Slovenia?

– This is my native country and it is easier for me to study in Slovenian language. I like the fact that I feel comfortable and safe here. I love my family and I wanted to stay closer to it.

– In your opinion, what attracts foreign students in studying in Slovenia?

– I want to highlight a few points here as well:

  1. Slovenia is a beautiful country. I think, that is why they want to study here. You can travel and see many interesting places. In addition, it is quiet here. Even policemen work well in our country.
  2. In Slovenia, higher education has always been at a high level, this applies to all faculties. Here they take the process of obtaining a profession seriously and the universities train professionals.
  3. We are part of the European Union. I think this is another reason to choose my country to study. Student exchange programmes are common here. You can start studying in Slovenia, and continue, for example, in Finland. This helps students to travel freely throughout Europe.
  4. If we talk about price, Slovenia is one of the most inexpensive countries in Europe.

– What advice would you give to future students?

– If you chose Slovenia to enter a university, I would say that you made a good decision. It is quiet here, and universities in our country teach at an excellent level.

Do not forget to use the student discount system and training materials.

– What do you do after graduation?

– Recently, I have received my diploma. Now I need to find a job. However, to begin with, I am planning to take a small “pause”. I want to rest for a few months and devote this time to traveling.

I love my profession and I plan to work in this field. In addition, I love languages, especially English and Russian. So, in the future, I would like to become a Slovene-Russian translator.

The next interview in the “Slovenia Unites” section will be published on 2 February.

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