Slovenia Unites: Elizaveta Popova

Students from different countries talk about their life and study in Slovenia. They tell about the reasons, for which they have chosen this country and what has changed in their life after moving to Slovenia. You can find out about these facts and many others in our articles.

Name: Elizaveta Popova

Age: 18 years

Hometown, country: Donetsk, Ukraine

University: University in Nova Gorica

Study programme: Viticulture

– Hello, Liza. Why have you chosen this study programme?

– Because it’s unusual. When mastering this profession, I face new opportunities. Especially in Europe. Wine is very popular here. There are many manufacturers and fans of this drink here.

– What attracted you in Slovenia?

– It is pretty fast to study here. I mean that the entire programme can be studied in three years. Besides, European education implies different methods and approaches in teaching students.

I am also fascinated by the language. It’s beautiful, not very complicated. If to approach the study process seriously, you can master the language quickly.

– What do you like about studying here?

– I like the individual approach of teachers. Here, each student can receive feedback from teachers that always devote time to you. Besides, the student environment implies new acquaintances and communication.

– What has changed in your life since moving to Slovenia?

– After living in a different country for a while, I realized what love for the Motherland means. Secondly, I have become more independent. Life away from home taught me to make decisions myself, to act more resolutely. The third is my acquaintance with the nature of Slovenia. In my free time, I try to go to the nature for rest. Most often, I go to the mountains.

– What were the expectations from Slovenia and did they prove out?

– I expected that the study process would be more difficult. In fact, nothing is difficult here. If you learn the materials on time and attend classes, then studying is easy and simple.

The presentation of the programme says that the training takes place in Slovenian, but some teachers give lectures in English.

– What impressed you most of all in Slovenia?

– Slovenia is a small country, but there are many dialects here. There are about 157 of them.

– Are there any differences from your native country in training and way of life”?

– We always have changes in curriculum, new lectures, etc. It is different here. Students have more autonomy. No one will intentionally ask them to study. Therefore, discipline is needed.

In training, a great emphasis is put on practice, rather than on theory. In general, teachers try to submit information in various ways, so that students can better learn the material. The university is equipped with modern facilities, so that students can use new technologies within the study process.

There are many kinds of sport in Slovenia. Almost every person here is passionate about sport. However, in terms of daily routines, Slovenes are less active. They have a more unhurried working day.

The inhabitants have developed an ecological worldview. Slovenes take care of nature and the environment and bring up children in the same spirit. If we consider the economic side of the issue, then it is expensive to travel by public transport. To tell you the truth, there is not so much of it in Slovenia.

In general, this is a very calm country with friendly residents.

– What advice would you give to future students?

  1. I would recommend taking all the equipment from home that you might need. Since it is expensive here.
  2. Be frank and communicate often with teachers and students to ask questions that interest you.
  3. Use the student bonus system. This system gives students an opportunity to eat out with a good discount.
  4. Attend language courses at your university.
  5. Prepare for an independent life.

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