Slovenian Acronij Company Opened a New Line for Heat Treatment of Plates

On 23 September 2016, the Slovenian Acronij Company opened officially the line for heat treatment of plates. According to the director Peter Čas, the annual production output of large plates can reach 80 thousand tons, while the Company’s revenue may grow by 40–50 million euros.

Jesenice. On 23 September 2016, the Acronij Company opened officially the line for heat treatment of plates. A project worth 32 million euros was the largest investment into the Skupina Sij Group of Companies — ‘Slovenska industrija jekla’. According to Anton Černih, the Chairman of the Sij Board, this will allow Acronij to strengthen its position on the market and to expand the dealer network of specialized products.

The ceremony of launching a new line for heat treatment of plates brought together dealers and consumers of the Sij Group products from around the world. The German SMS Group of Companies produced the new plate heat treatment line for Acronij. According to Fritz Brühl, the vice-president of the SMS Group, the line commissioning will have a positive impact on the further growth of the Sij Group. The Speaker of the National Assembly Milan Brglez agrees with him and reminds that Acronij with 1,100 employees and the entire Sij Group with more than 7,000 employees are of great importance for the Slovenian economy. The Parliament Speaker expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the investments make it easier to develop, create new professional work places and be more confident in claiming Slovenia on the global market. Ultimately, Brglez concluded that the investment brought significant benefits to both the society and the state as a whole.

The Acronij Company earlier accounted for about ¼ of the total production output of the special treatment steel of the Sij Group. By investing into the modernization of production, this share increased up to 58%. Now the Acronij Company can produce special treatment steel for the automotive industry, the aviation industry and the mining practice.

The Acronij Director Peter Čas noted in his speech that he expected the Company to enter new markets, increase deliveries to customers, and develop successfully new directions.

He added that at the optimum operation, the annual production output for large plates would reach 80 thousand tons. According to the results of the first year of operation, the Company’s revenue can grow by 40–50 million euros.

In total 25 new work places will be created to maintain this line. Next year, the Acronij Company plans to launch the new AOD vessel (an argon oxygen decarburization vessel or a gas-oxygen refining vessel, which will cost about 30 million euros. As a result, the number of employees will increase by 100 people.