Slovenian Airline Company Adria Airways Acquires 99.1% of Property at Darwin Airline

The Slovenian airline company Adria Airways through its Swiss subsidiary acquired 99.1% of property owned by the regional Swiss air carrier Darwin Airline. Details of the agreement are not disclosed.

According to the agreement, Darwin will continue working under its own name in Lugano and Geneva. Adria Airways will take on some administrative and operational tasks, and will as well sell the services of the Swiss airline.

Darwin Airline was founded in 2003 for regular flights between Southern Switzerland, Ticino and the major financial centres of the country, such as Zurich and Geneva, as well as a number of other airports. Today the fleet of the airline comprises 6 Saab 2000 (50 seats) and 4 ATR 72-500s (68 seats). In addition to flights to European cities, Darwin Airline, along with its partner Etihad Airways, offered some other interesting international routes, for example, to Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).