The Slovenian Akrapovič Company Received 75 Million Euros of Profit

For 9 months of 2016, the turnover of the exhaust systems manufacturer Akrapovič amounted to 75 million euros, and the net profit of the Slovenian company has reached 12 million euros, which is 50% higher than last year.

The Director Matej Akrapovič estimates the Company’s turnover by the end of this year as 90 million euros (+15% as compared to the last year’s level). However, the profit volume will drop below the current mark. Akrapovič believes that the optimistic forecasts are due to the strengthening of the global market of motorcycles and the start of the production in its full capacity after being moved to Črnomelj in 2015.

In Črnomelj, Akrapovič covers an area of 23,000 m2. According to the official data, in the first half of 2016, the Company had 650 workers, 300 of whom were recruited during the period of 2015–2016.

A Number of the Akrapovič Company Employees Grows

After moving the production capacities to Črnomelj, the Company preserved its administrative office, the foundry workshop, the tool-producing workshop, and the development and pre-production department in Ivančna Gorica.

In Črnomelj, the staff is expected to be expanded in future. In 2017, it is planned to start construction of a new test centre, and then a new administrative building. At the current rate of growth, the Company can expand the staff up to 800 people until the end of 2019. Together with the production facilities of the Akrapovič Company located in Ivančna Gorica, the total number of employees will reach 1,000 people in the coming years.

Akrapovič izpušnih sistemov - Akrapovic системы выхлопаAkrapovič Exhausts in Slovenia and throughout the World

The Slovenian Akrapovič Company specializes in the production of exhaust systems (silencers) for motorcycles (70–75% of production), while the product segment for cars is 25–30%.

The main markets are the EU countries: Germany, France and Italy. The volume of trade with the US and China has increased. As Akrapovič adds, in Slovenia they sell less than 1% of their products.

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