Slovenian Beekeepers Demand to Recognized 20 May as the International Day of Bees

A Slovene bee is “buzzing” in Brussels. Slovenian beekeepers, in the Brussels Palais de Berlaymont (the headquarters of the European Commission), are holding an action to protect bees and are seeking official recognition of 20 May as the international day of bees.

Slovenska čebela brenči v Bruslju

In the Čebelji Svet Interactive Pavilion, opened as part of the campaign to protect bees, the reality is closely intertwined with the virtual world. Customers with the aid of special glasses can see with their own eyes what is going on in a beehive. Using a special application, you can observe the life of bees, their movements and actions in a hive. “Visitors can even “fly” like a bee,” the developer Marko Cafnik says. Inside the Pavilion, visitors can enjoy the smell of propolis, hear the buzzing of bees, and view the photo gallery of bees.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Dejan Židan is confident that before the end of the year, when the UN General Assembly is expected to consider the Slovenia’s project, the 20 May will be officially recognised as the International Day of Bees.

The Chairman of the Slovenia’s Union of Beekeepers Boštjan Noč notes that the population of bees is facing extinction, and it will not survive without the help of beekeepers. Violeta Bulc, the European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport, makes a firm stand for these insects. Not least because “the world of bees reminds the European Commission”. From the outside, it seems chaotic, but inside, it is acting coherently and efficiently.