Slovenian Business Executives Are Optimistic about Cooperation with Their Russian Colleagues

Business executives, who participated in the activities related to the Vladimir Putin’s visit to Slovenia, evaluated the nature of such meetings in the context of establishing the closest economic relations. While waiting for a response autumn visit to Moscow, they make bold predictions.


Iskratel Is on the Eve of Signing Big Contracts

Iskratel has already implemented a number of promising projects in the Russian market, and in the nearest future, according to the Director General of the Kranjska enterprise Željko Puljić, it is planned to sign big contracts with Rostelecom and Transneft as well as implement several projects in the field of urban security.

Regarding the importance of the Saturday’s meeting with the Russian delegation, which was attended by five acting ministers, Željko Puljić noted that such a short conversation with ministers contributed to that the old agreements would not be forgotten and the new topics would be developed. As a result, Željko Puljić and the specialized Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov agreed to conduct a focused meeting in two weeks.


The Comiti Representatives Aspire to a Return Visit

The Kranjska Comiti Company also expects much from these visits, for which the Russian Federation still remains the main market and the most important partner. As Stanislav Žorž, a representative of the Comite leadership noted, “In order the economy could reap the benefits of mutual friendship, the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor has to pay a return visit to Moscow with a delegation of respected economists, who would like to participate in such visit themselves.


Dušan Olaj Believes that the Plane to Moscow Will Be Packed to Capacity

Dušan Olaj, the owner and director of Duola said, “While for politicians this visit is of ethical value, we, business executives, have used it to exchange working information and discuss business opportunities.”

Regarding a possible return visit to Moscow with strong economic overtones, Dušan Olaj believes that the plane to Moscow “will be packed to capacity.”

According to Dušan Olaj, Duol continues working on the Russian market in spite of the political agenda, as its local contracts are not the matter of one minute, but the result of months and years of hard work. In the coming months, it is planned to sign several contracts with Russian customers concerning sports halls, as well as agricultural warehouses and greenhouses.


Marjan Eberlinc: Relations with Russia are Good

The Head of Plinovodov Marjan Eberlinc described the held negotiations as good ones. From the forthcoming meetings, he looks forward to continuing an active approach to solve open issues.

Plinovodi remains a partner of Russia’s Gazprom in the currently “delayed” construction of the “South Stream” main gas pipeline. In Slovenia, there is a common interest in the revival of the project. However, the legislative framework and the budget itself should be taken into account.

“Negotiations on the renewal of the “South Stream” gas pipeline project in the territory of Slovenia depends on the initiative of the Russian side as the author of the idea. Functionally, the Slovenian part of the project plays no role as a separate entity,” Eberlinc said.


The Riku Representatives Expect Signing New Contracts as a Result of the Return Visit

The Riku Company director Janez Škrabec attended the Saturday’s event. The negotiations behind the scenes during the Vladimir Putin’s visit were informal, but, in any case, they created an appropriate atmosphere and mood, which, in his opinion, would certainly impose a promising impact on further negotiations including those of formal nature.

The Riku representatives believe that such visits accelerate economic cooperation in all contexts. From a possible return visit to Moscow, they expect to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and concrete business agreements, sign memorandums and contracts.