Slovenian Designer Marjeta Grošelj: 50 Years in the World of Fashion

Marjeta Grošelj is a Slovenian designer of women’s handbags. She celebrates her 50th anniversary of work in the fashion industry. Her handmade handbags (see photo) can be distinguished by their originality, exclusivity, durability and aesthetic perfection because they are made from the finest materials.

Marjeta Grošelj is rightly called an icon of fashion design in Slovenia. She considers design as a true art. To the 50th anniversary of Marjeta Grošelj’s career, the organizers of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week have prepared an exhibition called “50 Years of Victories” (50 let ustvarjalnih presežkov—in Slovenian), where a selection of the best handbags by the world famous Slovenian designer will be presented.

Marjeta Grošelj is not going to retire. She says that she will continue designing handbags for as long as her health permits, because she has more than enough ideas. “The ingenuity knows no end. The work becomes easier with years, because the more you know, the more you trust yourself.”