Slovenian Director Receives the Premio Europa European Commission Award

Jernej Lorenci became one of the five leading directors awarded the European Commission’s Premio Europa Prize for a “new theatrical reality.” As stated in the press release, the prize laureates develop the European theatre art with their innovative and non-standard methods of production.

Jernej Lorenci was first nominated for this award in 2011. In the press release, he was called a “wise director” who knows how to create a special sensual field between the stage and the audience. The candidacy of the Slovenian director was chosen among 50 nominees.

The award of the European Commission is presented under the auspices of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. The partner of the project is the International Association of Theatre Critics. In Slovenia, it cooperates with the Association of Theatre Critics and Theatricals, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) represented by the Slovenian ITI Centre, the European Association of Festivals and the Association of European Theatre Schools and Academies.

The winners of the European Commission awards in the field of theatre art Premio Europa were announced on 25 October 2017 on the Day of European Theatre. Awards will be presented in Rome in the framework of the International Festival of Theatre Arts Premio Europa, which will end on Sunday, 17 December.